Our frying equipment success stories

Find out why our baking wall is the favourite of customers worldwide. From Glasgow to Purmerend, our customers are at the heart of our continuous development and innovation. Learn more about their experiences and why a Kiremko frying equipment is everywhere!

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Harry Ramsden’s

This restaurant, with over 15,000 square metres of space and seating for more than 450 guests, is considered the largest...

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Manneken Pis Amsterdam

Discover Manneken Pis Amsterdam, the famous chip shop serving authentic Dutch fries and snacks in the heart of Amsterdam....

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Frites uit Zuyd

Frites uit Zuyd's food truck is equipped with a gas-fired Kiremko Fadoset fryer....

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University of Siegen

'The Kiremko works intuitively allowing the whole team to work with it'...

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Telekom Bonn

'It's a great and fast fryer'...

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Number 1 Catering

'At Kiremko, both the quality, and the service are spot on'...

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Moments & More De Vundelaar

'Great ease of work, efficiency and speed. In short, everything we and our customers want'...

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Landal Coldenhove

'With this new Kiremko, we have the capacity and capability we need now, but also for the future'...

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In den trap op

'Gas consumption is very good thanks to high-efficiency pans'...

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Het Goudhaantje

'We have always had a Kiremko frying range and we are going to keep it that way!'...

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De Frietschap

'The biggest plus is the transfer lift, I couldn't live without it'...

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Cafetaria Gean

'Kiremko is the Rolls Royce among fryers'...

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