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QBTEC Woerden
Middellandse Zee 9
3446 CG Woerden


Van Vossen Horeca
Mutsestraat 5
4641 SJ Ossendrecht

Wihofecta B.V.
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5951 DH Belfeld

Droogers Horeca
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It is impossible to say in advance what the price of Kiremo frying equipment will be. This is because all Kiremko frying equipment are custom-made. There is a tailor-made solution for every customer, so different things always need to be taken into account. Kiremko’s representatives are specialists in their trade and are therefore able to help all customers in the best possible way.

On the webshop of QBTEC are all the frying accessories a cafeteria needs. Because the webshop links the correct service object to your account, this ensures that only the correct spare parts always appear in the webshop. As a result, you will never order the wrong accessories for your Kiremko frying equipment.


You can reach us on our general telephone number during office hours. Of course, you can also send an e-mail or use our contact form on the contact page.

Phone: +31 (0)348-475555


Have a question about maintenance or service? If so, please contact our service department. They are available 24/7.

Phone: +31 (0)88-4576060

Definitely! The service department can be reached by phone 24/7. On weekends, Kiremko technicians are always on standby to solve a breakdown together over the phone or to come to your premises.

If you still have questions or would like more information, you can always contact one of our service specialists on 088-4576060.

To keep your Kiremko fryer installation optimally maintained, various service contracts are available. Would you like to take out a service contract for your fryer? If so, contact your representative.


Kiremko has a range of various fryers. They differ in price and features, but never in quality. Within the product range of our fryers, there are different models for different customers:

Together, these models form the Kiremko World of Frying.

About us

QBTEC is the manufacturer and supplier of Kiremko fryers. At the factory in Woerden, all fryers are expertly built by professionals. At the head office in Woerden, the R&D, service, sales, finance and engineering departments are located in addition to the production department. Together, these departments ensure the innovations and product upgrades of Kiremko fryers.

For more information, visit

Definitely! QBTEC is always looking for new colleagues. There are several vacancies in the Woerden factory, but we are also always looking for new colleagues in the office.

For all vacancies, go to: working at QBTEC.

Kiremko is a brand of QBTEC

QBTEC is a manufacturer of three A-brand fryers (Perfecta, Smitto and Kiremko), produces cooking equipment for the Qook! brand and units for the HiFri brand., known for fat-free frying. A wide variety of expertise gathered under one roof. High-quality finished installations equipped with the latest technology and the best design: they must be made at QBTEC.