How do you fry fresh fries in a gas-fired Kiremko?

What is the best way to fry fresh fries? Oscar totally goes to show that in this video. From cutting the potato to frying the fresh fries in the fryer. What temperature should the frying oil be and how long should it be fried? All these steps are covered in the video.

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Turning a potato into fresh fries

Frying fresh fries starts with cutting the potatoes to the right size. Common sizes in the Netherlands are 11×11 mm or 12×12 mm. Some chefs choose to peel the potatoes, but in and around the skin are important vitamins such as C and B. Moreover, peeling leads to a weight loss of about 20% and requires extra handling from the operator.

With a Kiremko frying pan, you can pre-fry about 4 kilograms of potatoes at a time.

How to pre-fry fresh fries with a Kiremko fryer?

Set the Kiremko fryer oven between 140 – 150 degrees Celsius for pre-frying the fries. Fry the fries for about 7 minutes. The temperature will briefly drop to 120 degrees Celsius due to the temperature difference, but quickly recovers to the set value.

Pre-frying is a process of frying and moisture extraction, resulting in a weight reduction of about 20%, depending on the potato quality.

Check doneness by pinching a fry; the outside should be crispy, the inside soft. Every chef has their own method for frying fresh fries.

The fries need to rest

Remove the pre-fried fries from the Kiremko fryer and place them in the chipshelf to rest, at least 20 minutes. This cooling process provides extra crunch.

Frying fresh fries with a Kiremko fryer

Heat the Kiremko fryer to 172 degrees for frying the fries. Fry them for 2 to 2.5 minutes to perfection. Weight reduction of about 15% also occurs in this phase.

Salt, sauce and ready to go!

Remove the fries from the pan after 2 to 2.5 minutes, place them in the scoop tray, add salt, shake well and serve in a bag or bowl. And this is how you should fry fresh fries!

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