Kiremko Fado at De Graafschap: new powerhouses at the Vijverberg

Reinforcement for De Graafschap with Kiremko Fado

De Graafschap will soon welcome two impressive newcomers to the Vijverberg. These two electric Kiremko Fados, from Woerden, are the club’s newest acquisitions. They will play a crucial role in enhancing service quality in the hospitality unit at the supporters’ plaza. With their considerable capacity, these three-basket Fados are a guarantee of excellent frying performance, ensuring that all supporters can enjoy delicious snacks before, during, and after the game.

Guus’s trip to Woerden for the perfect fryers

The search for these two talents began with Guus visiting the factory in Woerden. There, he saw the potential of the Kiremko Fados and decided to bring them to the Vijverberg. This investment in quality and capacity promises a significant improvement in chip service during De Graafschap’s exciting matches.

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