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The Allegro frying equipment combines reliability and ease of use with a large baking capacity. With its well-thought-out layout and many options, the Allegro is a fryer that fits into any professional kitchen. Besides the conventional version, the Allegro is also available in a HR (high efficiency fryer) version. Kiremko knows what frying is all about and you can tell from the smallest details. For example, the Allegro frying equipment has no troublesome seams and edges, making it easy to keep clean.

The various modules are always within easy reach and this fryer comes with an integrated extraction system as standard. The Allegro is finished in stainless steel and can be expanded with many modules.

Perfect for any professional kitchen

Features of the frying equipment

Large baking capacity

The fryer wall has high-efficiency pans.

Sleek design

Making any fryer fit beautifully into the enterprise.

FC5 control

All our new frying equipment have the latest FC5 touchscreen controls. Deep-frying and fat filtration have never been so easy!

Working ergonomically

All fryers can be made to the desired height.

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Service on your fryer?

Regular maintenance of your equipment ensures that it functions optimally and safely.

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Catering kitchens

The world of Petrol, Kitchens and Retail. Sometimes you need not only a fryer but also other solutions. We can think about that too. Kiremko is the specialist in deep frying.



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