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The Bolero fryer is widely known for its unique design. The specific curves are pleasing to the eye and are a real eye-catcher. In addition, many extras can be applied to the Bolero. For example, the round parts at the bottom can be lit with LED lamps in the colours of your house style, giving a quirky effect. The baking wall can also be fully customised, with all components seamlessly integrated into the worktop.

Usability is number one, design definitely two!

Features of the fryer

Automatic fat filtering with FC5 control

Automatic filtering or pumping away your frying fat at the press of a few buttons? You can do that with our controls! The FC5 control ensures that you can perform all your operations with your fryer with just a few presses.

Advanced technology

Frying in a Bolero fryer is not just about frying. It’s all about the convenience of working with this fryer. The convenience with the FC5 touchscreen control, automatic filtering, setting your own capacity and cleaning. Everything in the Kiremko Bolero makes frying enjoyable.

Unique design at a fryer

No other fryer has this much external beauty. The craftsmanship that goes into this machine is unprecedented.

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Service on your fryer?

Regular maintenance of your equipment ensures that it functions optimally and safely.

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The world of chips and fish & chips. Kiremko understands what is essential in frying, and this is reflected in every detail. Our fryers are equipped with the best frying options, allowing you to achieve speed without compromising on quality.

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