Kiremko bakwand Monaco Model


All the curves on the front of the Monaco make for a beautiful sight. But this fryer is not only about looks, but also about capacity and quality. Beyond the design of the Kiremko Monaco, like all other models, it has the option of being completely customised. The Kiremko Monaco is another unique fryer in the Netherlands.

Design, strength and power

Features for every cafeteria

The house style of your cafeteria

Give your cafeteria a unique look by customising the fryer to match your brand style. With techniques such as wrapping, you can easily have your logo, colours and designs applied to the fryer.

Our latest model

Discover the latest Kiremko Monaco model, a masterpiece in design and functionality. With its elegant shapes and high-quality finish, this frying range not only adds efficiency to your kitchen, but also a touch of style.

The ease of use everyone wants

For cafeterias: the FC5 control automatically filters and easily pumps away frying fat. With a few presses, you operate your frying range effortlessly.

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