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The clean lines in the design of the Kiremko Prego professional deep-frying installation provide a tough and robust appearance. Robust yet dynamic, as the Prego model can be fitted with many extras. The newly designed doors sloping at the bottom, the sophisticated stainless steel display and the stylishly designed disposable case are just a selection of the Prego’s impressive external features.

A tough, robust & dynamic professional deep-frying installation

Features for your professional fryer

LED lighting in front panel

For extra atmosphere and experience, LED lighting can be built into the front panel.


The professional fryer is fully configurable to your ideal routing. What working height, how many pans, what kind of griddle and how long? Everything is configurable with us.

High-efficiency professional deep-frying installations

The fryer wall has high-efficiency pans.

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Service on your professional fryer?

Regular maintenance of your equipment ensures that it functions optimally and safely.

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The world of leisure, events & sport. Kiremko has years of experience and therefore knows exactly which frying installations are a good fit for large venues such as a leisure park or football stadium. Capacity often plays a big role in the leisure industry. Fry away large quantities of fries in a short period of time. You can!

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