Optimising the workspace with a Kiremko fryer installation

The bustling city of Gouda is home to a unique culinary destination: cafeteria Willy. This is the story of how a small cafeteria, run by dynamic duo Vasilios and Jiotta, developed into a local icon in the frying world. Central to their success story is their choice of a fryer from Kiremko, which has not only increased their efficiency, but also contributed to their reputation for excellence.

Hospitality and craftsmanship at cafeteria Willy

In the heart of Gouda is Cafetaria Willy, run by passionate Greek entrepreneur Vasilios, better known as Willy, and his wife Jiotta. For 20 years, they have left a unique mark on the cafeteria industry with their hospitality and dedication. Their fries gyros are now famous, and visitors feel immediately welcome in their establishment. Willy and Jiotta carefully considered every aspect of their workspace to create an optimal workflow.

Kiremko’s role in fryer development

Willy’s choice of a Kiremko fryer is an important part of their success. This fryer has been a loyal ally in their kitchen for a decade. Together with Kiremko, Willy adapted the fryer to his specific needs: from an aluminium dispenser and top edges against splashing to a handy drawer in the front panel for extra storage space. These modifications have made the oven extremely user-friendly, an essential element in cafeteria Willy’s fast and efficient service.

“I took advice from Kiremko, which ultimately led to me making my investment more than worthwhile>

Willy’s satisfaction with investment in Kiremko

Willy’s satisfaction with working with Kiremko speaks volumes: “I have been advised by Kiremko and that has ultimately led to me making my investment more than worthwhile.” This statement highlights the value of a custom-made Kiremko fryer, not only in terms of efficiency, but also in improving the overall customer experience.

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