Tailor made solutions.

Our Kiremko fryers are always custom-made to fit perfectly into your business. First, choose the model that suits your needs. Then customise the model as you like, adding the components you need.

Kiremko Features Bakwanden Options Frituurinstallaties

The griddle features individual zones, making it possible to set the desired temperature per zone. The griddle is available in different sizes (40cm, 60cm and 80cm). You can decide how best to showcase the product. It is even possible to switch off the griddle completely during quiet periods as the warm-up time to working temperature is only two minutes, where with a traditional griddle it takes around 25 minutes. So by being smart about zones and switching on and off, energy savings can be more than 50%.

With the beautifully designed TopCool top cooling system, you always have your products within easy reach.

Sauce dispensers: fully integrated and automated and again seamlessly welded into the work platform for ease of cleaning.

Sauce pump: the manual pump that can be put on a gastronorm tray for bain-marie. Easy for hot sauces like peanut sauce. It is easy to take apart and all parts can go through the dishwasher. Not only does it look neat, it also works easily. Everything nice and close at hand.

Recently, the back of the scooping tray runs a bit higher, making it even easier to scoop the fries and so no more fries falling behind on the edge. It is removable and dishwasher-safe. The serving bowl is also available with heating, then it keeps the fries nice and warm when you are busy processing the order.

The fryer with the highest certified efficiency in the world (97%). Want more information about the high efficiency fryers? Then contact us!

The Frycontrol is a handy control that can be operated by touchscreen. This option is completely customisable. On the hard-wearing glass panel, both theme and colour, as well as the sound you hear when you set a timer, are completely customisable. Easy to keep clean, stylish and efficient.

Disposable holders: an excellent invention to easily integrate disposables into the routing one is used to. Working with a disposable holder is quick and easy in a Kiremko baking wall. Besides, it looks tidy and clean. After all, the eye wants something too.

Bain-marie: keeping peanut sauce or meatballs in gravy nice and hot in a bain-marie is actually indispensable in a frying installation. Kiremko supplies the bain-marie fully integrated into the top in several gastronorm sizes. The choice is yours!

With Kiremko’s innovative OES fat filtration system, frying fat gets a significantly longer shelf life. Want more information on automatic fat filtering? Then get in touch!

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