Leading the way in what we do with frying installations


Market leader, you don’t become one overnight. Yet we say this confidently about our brand. Since 1966, Kiremko has been designing, manufacturing and supplying professional frying installations, frying walls and fish fryers with associated equipment. Kiremko is characterised by a quality-oriented and personal character.

Providing high-quality finished products and the right service makes us number one in the Netherlands, the UK, Germany, France and in Belgium. And in terms of user-friendliness, capacity, energy saving and efficiency, we always want to lead the way. With an enthusiastic team of specialists, we design and produce the most innovative fryers and catering kitchens for customers worldwide on a daily basis. Continuous product development and improvement are very important to us in this respect. Our tasteful designs give the right look to any catering establishment.

Kiremko is a brand of QBTEC.

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Innovation first

Why Kiremko frying ranges?

Frying installations from Kiremko are unique because of its:

+ enormous frying capacity;
+ high efficiency (94%);
+ energy savings;
+ ease of use;
+ short frying times;
+ substantial oil and fat savings;
+ and stylish design.

We incorporate your wishes, ideas and improvements into a customised frying solution