The world of Kiremko

World leading in frying

From international events to the local snack bar to the small Fado to the big Transfer: our customised fryers can handle anything. Travel with us through the various industries in which we operate with our customised fryers.

Besides the sectors in which Kiremko operates, QBTEC’s portfolio also includes other brands, including Qook!, aimed at professional catering kitchens.


Snack bar, Fish&Chips


Recreation, events & sports

Catering kitchens

Retail, canteens & petrol


Everything that rolls

Kiremko customised deep fryers international

Internationally, we are a large organisation, with all production in the Netherlands and several sales offices in Europe. From these offices, we provide administration, sales and service. We always recommend you also test fry here or stop by to experience the frying facilities.

We export our customized fryers all over the world

You certainly can! We export to all countries and support start-ups with a suitable concept, the right fryer, suitable transport and maintenance. We also help many entrepreneurs choose the right potatoes, sauces, frying fat and disposables.



Middellandse Zee 9

3446 CG Woerden

Droogers Horeca

Zoom 5

9231 DX Surhuisterveen

Van Vossen Horeca

Mutsestraat 5

4641 SJ Ossendrecht


Geloërveldweg 19

5951 DH Belfeld

England & Scotland


Unit A-B, Bentley Business Park, Blenheim Way

Market Deeping, Peterborough PE6 8LD

Belgium, Luxembourg & northern France

Ciers Cooking

Rijksweg 111A bus 4,

9870 Zulte, Belgium

Germany, Austria & Switzerland


Braker str. 1


Northern Ireland

EB Gas

Unit 1, 29a Tandragee Road

Newry BT35 6QE


Imperial International

16 avenue Christian Doppler

Zone d’activité Spirit, Batiment B4


Other countries


Middellandse Zee 9

3446 CG Woerden

Wherever there is deep-frying, Kiremko customised deep-frying systems offer the perfect solution.