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In a large commercial kitchen or petrol station, Kiremko’s frying solution comes into its own perfectly. In terms of frying capacity, Kiremko’s fryers are inimitable, ensuring that top-quality fries and snacks can be fried in a short time.

Deep-frying solutions for every demand

By means of various innovative modules, the deep-fryers can be completed entirely as desired. Some companies have safety requirements or other obligations that must be met. We are happy to think with you.

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Deep-frying in Petrol

Worldwide, petrol stations are expanding their catering facilities. Thanks to electric charging, for example, customers spend longer at and around petrol stations, with many consuming something at the on-site catering establishment. This is precisely where Kiremko’s frying solution for petrol stations proves its value to the full.

Safe frying in a petrol station?

You can! Our frying solutions are designed with safety in mind. All deep-frying solutions are designed to allow, for example, safe pumping away of fat and safe electric deep-frying.

Deep-frying in kitchens

In the dynamics of a large commercial kitchen, there are peak times when various dishes are served to a significant number of guests. This often results in preparing large quantities of fries to meet demand. These large-scale kitchens require large-capacity fryers.

Fryer with capacity: Kiremko Transfer

Our Kiremko Transfer has giant baskets that can hold a lot of fries. Thanks to convenient routing and customisation, we can fit everything into any commercial kitchen.

Deep-frying in retail

Frying is not limited to just cafeterias; it can be done anywhere, and that is exactly where we excel. We have a solution for every frying challenge. Whether deep-frying chicken or nuts, we are here for you! Our expert sales team effortlessly transforms all your questions into practical frying solutions.


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